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Full ATEX and IECEX Pressurised Habitat Rental Services

Rental model made easy by Cunningham Safezone

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Renting a Hot Work Habitat

Cunningham Covers are able to offer a full ATEX and IECEX certified habitat rental package.  From Site Surveys, Hot Work Habitat Risk Assessments to fully Project Managed Solutions - The true cradle to grave habitat rental solution.

At Cunningham we believe in fairness when it comes to Project Costs. At Cunningham Covers our fully managed rental service takes into consideration the uncertainty and complex nature of the Oil and Gas Industry and puts you, the client, back in control.

Competitive Rates.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market.  We manufacture and make everything in house.  This allows us to pass the saving on to the customer when it comes to rental rates. We find on average we are 20-40% cheaper than the closest competitor.

Fully Managed Habitat Rental Solution.

With our Fully Managed Service,  we can provide but are not limited to:

Site Survey - Full Comprehensive Survey.

Our team of trained Habitat Survey Technicians are able to conduct a survey either onsite or offshore.  Our Technician would come to your facility and conduct a survey of the location.  Taking into consideration complex areas, tight and congested areas and propose a solution that would not only provide a cost effective solution but would ensure that the habitat was engineered to provide a solution that is safe.

All of our surveys take into consideration


  • Project Requirements.

  • Habitat Requirements.

  • Technician Requirements.

  • Detailed Scope of Works.

  • Habitat Design Requirements.

  • Ventilation and Power Requirements.

  • Emergency Escape Routes and Plans.

  • Scaffolding Requirements.

Qualified habitat technicians from Safezone