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Protection Enclosures

Case study: Safe protection enclosures for safe work

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Gives worker protection in hazardous environments.

Product: Made-to-order safe work units
Size: Made to any size
Material: Constructed from tough, flame-retardant PVC
Shipping: Shipped worldwide

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Safe work units

Explosions are probably the worst case scenario for anyone working in the oil and gas industries.

Oil rigs and gas rigs can be dangerous places to work, so it makes sense to do everything possible to minimise the risks. That’s exactly what Cunningham is helping some of the major players in the energy industry to do.

When your very reason for being in splendid isolation far out at sea is the proximity of combustible materials, the last thing you want is sparks flying around. Yet offshore rigs are largely metal constructions, making welding and other hot work a necessity.

We supply made-to-order safe work units to protect your staff when they are undertaking those jobs.

These environmental enclosures give you a great deal of control. It is all about containment: sparks cannot get out of the unit and flammable gases cannot get in.

We essentially design a cocoon that is tailored to fit your requirements and your scaffolding structure.

Your unit will be constructed from our tough, flame-retardant PVC, so there’s no risk of fire.

You can even choose transparent PVC so that your workers can continue to benefit from natural light and so safety can be monitored by staff outside the unit.

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